The 3C's Senior Leadership Programme

Subject matter:
Dr T's 3Cs - Crisis, Crash and Comeback; Mindset volatility, Navigating energy crashes

Perfect for:
Senior Leadership Teams who want to see energy and motivation optimisation for themselves and throughout their organisation

Problem to be solved:
Mindset volatily - the 3Cs - impacts wellbieng, performance and productivity

Programme length:
3 half day workshops; each session ideally delivered weekly to maintain momentum

By the end of this programme, your team will be able to:
1. Understand and gain clarity on the stages of the 3Cs Cycle in your team
2. Discover brain-based strategies to boost motivation and soften 'Crash' stages
3. Strategise for the R-CUT in the road ahead and navigate Mental Readjustment Resistance
4. Have a shared language to use amongst the team to communicate your performance state


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