Thrive Together Senior Leadership Programme

Subject matter:
Team Cohesion, Thrive Zones, Instinctive action styles, stress-less operation

Perfect for:
Senior Leadership Teams who want to strengthen their team's cohesion, interpersonal understanding and instinctive action

Problem to be solved:
We are wired to operate instinctively in certain ways.  Without figuring this out and know this about eachother, we can inadvertently stress eachother out!

Programme Length:
3 half day sessions; ideally delivered 1 week apart to maintain momentum 

By the end of this programme, your team will be able to:
1. Understand their own, and each other's, Thrive Zones
2. Improve efficiency of 'playing in position' and better manage action clash-conflicts
3. Have a shared Vision Map Narrative
4. Understand eachothers' Value Motivators to help 'playing in position'


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