Subject matter:

Adjustment stress to hybrid working, breaking bad habits from Lockdown life in a new hybrid world, Mental Readjustment Resistance

Perfect for:

Audiences undergoing adjusting to a new working world; organisations wishing to maintian rational thinking in times of readjustment stress, minismise productivity loss

Problem to be solved:

Mental Readjustment Resistnace, ineffective habits from Lockdown life persisiting in the hybrid world, cognitive biases that sqew our perception of ‘the past vs the present’ 

By the end of this session, your audience will be able to:

1. Understand the brain-based mechanics of habits in working life
2. Understand common patterns of Mental Readjustment Resistance and ‘clashes’ in approaching the hybrid world
3. Utilise Dr T’s ‘Home Improvement Model’ for debiasing memory when contrasting the past and present
4. Identify common post-lockdown behavioural trends that now harm your productivity and wellbeing – and ways to remedy these!