Subject matter:

Dr T’s 4 Tiers of Emotional Intelligence, High Performance, Mental Clarity, Team Interaction, staying rational

Perfect for:

Senior Leadership Teams who want to boost their clarity of thought, interaction, performance and well-being

Problem to be solved:

When the pressure is persistently high and time is tight, it’s hard to think strategically, communicate effectively and perform at your best together.  This rolling programme give you the opportunity to regularly check-in as a team, refocus and optimise your mind and performance.

Programme Length:

It’s rolling – there’s no defined end!  It’s current and relevant to your team, meaning that time is spent on the the right content that answers questions that your team have at present.  Ideally delivered monthly – a chance for you team to get away from the busyness, and invest in themselves with Dr T’s unique high-performance EQ coaching model.

Throughout this programme, your team will be able to:
1. Understand and apply Dr T’s 4 Tiers of Emotional Intelligence in Professional and Personal life
2. Regularly Dr T’s Summit Thinking: Look Back, Look Now, Look Forward
3. Grow in Self-awareness, Performance, Reading others and Interactions with other
4. Capitalise on content that is of primary importance to the team in current times