“Anyone can talk but few can engage. Where this is no engagement, there is no influence”.

The world’s a noisy place. There are a million and one ways to try to get your message across - email, text, social media, TV, carrier pigeon - but there’s only one recipient; a human being (who’s swimming in all the noise). The stage is a scary place. Yet we are often tasked with the goal to inform, entertain or persuade. So how do you communicate? Why should you communicate?

I am passionate about helping people communicate effectively. Whether it’s a presentation at a board meeting or classroom, to an audience of one hundred or an audience of one, I help people get comfortable and confident at sharing their message. I help those I train to find their passion in what they are talking about, beat stage fright, construct their message, create amazing visuals and deliver in a way that their audience will hang on their every word.

My most sought after SPEAK topics are purpose driven presenting, how to prepare a message, how to prepare powerful visuals, inspirational teaching, client interpersonal communication, and communicating emotional engagement for branding.


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