“The key to overcoming cognitive biases is to know that they exist”.

Our brains can process information in a fration of a ______.   Even here, your brain filled in a blank to create sense out of something that was incomplete.  Our brains try to help us out by processing information and forming judgements in fraction of a second in an attempt to save us time and energy.  However, our autopilot processes don’t always land us at the best conclusions.

Cognitive Biases are ‘mental mistakes’ that your brain makes on autopilot; systematic thought errors that can lead you to a conclusion that’s different to the one you would have arrived at if you had applied concious, analytical thought.  In business, this costs us time, money and stress.  Sales, hiring, investing, communication, preferences, information retention, risk assessment  – these are all affected by cognitive biases and strong emotional states.  

I help my audiences understand common cognitive biases that influecne thier industry and clients so they can make better decisions and achieve better results.  Cognitive Bias in business is one of my core areas of expertise and is woven through most of my keynotes and webinars.



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