“When you yourself are inspired, you can inspire others into action too”

Is leadership simply about telling other people what to do? Or is leadership more about going the distance for a purpose and inviting other people on that journey with you? I would propose that the latter would yield more from people - more energy, more productivity, more commitment and more satisfaction. But it helps to have an inspiring vision. One that a leader themselves buys in to emotionally. One that other people also start to see for themselves.

I am passionate about helping people discover the deeper meaning to their goals; to dig out their ‘why’. When they do, I see their faces light up with joy at the realisation of the great purpose behind what they do. It energises and enthuses them. Whether it’s working with individuals to help lead themselves, or with a C-suite team to lead an organisation, the results are increased motivation and inspiration that has impact and influence on others - be it co-workers or clients. Ventures that are built on a clear sense of purpose have been shown to outperform competitors in terms of their growth. And I’m all about growth.

My most sought after LEAD topics are personal vision mapping, self-mastery planning, emotional intelligence and business vision mapping.


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