Emotional Intelligence

"Emotional Intelligence is what you need - to succeed".

Emotional Intelligence is argubly the strongest driver of success.  What is it?  It's your ablily to know yourself, stay calm, think creatively, be productive and get on with others.  We're talking about self awareness, self control, motivation, goal attainment, empathy, body language, communication, impact, influence and more!  It's the toolbox of champions.  What would your life, or the life of your team, look like if you grew even more in these areas?  

The great news is that Emotional Intelligence is a skill. Just as you improve on the piano or the golf course with practice, your EI skillset can be trained and improved.  I help my audiences understand themselves and their context and then apply tools and strategies to boost their EI. 

Emotional Intelligence is one of my core areas of expertise and so EI content is woven throughout all of my talks and workshops.


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