"The most valuable project you can work on is you. When you grow, what you put your hand to grows too".

In the busyness of life we often find ourselves working on many things - our jobs, clients, finances, partners, kids, kids’ taxi runs, friends, house, the next holiday and the cat’s next trip to the vet. But how do we work on ourselves? How do we grow ourselves? After all, you are supposed to put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others with theirs.

I am passionate about helping people grow; to go from strength to strength both in professional and non-professional life. I help people find ways to lead and manage themselves more effectively - to adjust their mindset and thinking patterns to achieve higher performance, tap their inner motivational core and live on ‘full charge’. I help people find greater empowerment in life by developing habits of proactive living - setting goals, strategising against obstacles and achieving great results. Whether it’s getting fitter, enhancing key relationships or learning more, I deliver motivation and effectiveness training to help individuals and teams up their game.

I believe that you are wired for growth; for increase and advance. Growth is progress and progress is good!

My most sought after GROW topics are personal motivation, personal vision casting, goal setting, memorisation training and emotional intelligence.


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