So you want to improve your game?

My 2 main coaching areas are currently Memory Training & Virtual Presentation Skills.

Memory Training: Times have been tough through the pandemic and have affected us in all sorts of ways.  Interestingly, lockdown life hasn't done us many favours in terms of our mental stimulation, focus, concentration and memory.  But the good news is that you can re-strentghen your 'cognitive muscles' and bring back the mental fitness and sharpness of mind.  That's what my memory training system is all about -  "Unlocking the Lockdown Brain".  I help people with Memory Techniques, Mindset and Memory Wellness.

Virtual Presentation Skills: Many businesses will continue to rely on ongoing virtual contact with clients and thier audiences.  Engagement is key for business results.  The problem is that the psychological laws of engagement on screen are different to our real world communication skills.  My Virutal Presentation Skills coaches Business professionals in message preparation, delivery techniques and importantly - tech setup.


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